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What does it take to become an accomplished knitter?

I have been knitting for almost 2 years and I always felt that the sweaters I made had too much of a “I made it myself” look, lacking the right attention on the assembling and finishing side. I was able to knit a piece that gave me entire satisfaction.

I knew that I would be able to make beautiful garments at some point but was not sure when it would happen, I know I made the transition from ugly scarves to beautiful gifts pretty soon after I picked up the needles but making a beautiful sweater combined so much techniques, it was really intimidating. From specific loose cast-on, ribbing, shaping, short rows, picking up and knitting the collar, drafting and blocking, so much to learn!

So far I always bought acrylic, cheap supermarket yarn because I always considered that my knitting was an offense to beautiful yarn haha I think it is timefor an order at for my next project!!! I can’t even imagine how much more beautiful this sweater would have been if knitted with a merino wool or an alpaca.

The beautiful sweater I just finished is a very original and feminine design from Vladimir Teriokhin published in the 2007/2008 winter edition of the very inspiring magazine Knit.1.

I knitted it with a new Red Heart yarn that is really soft and the color was just exactly what I was looking for this fall. Antibiotics Without Prescription I call it split pea soup sweater haha

Neck Shawl Kimono

Neck Shawl Kimono

Neck Shawl Kimono

Neck Shawl Kimono

Neck Shawl KimonoNeck Shawl Kimono

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