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The Snuggle Project – Crafting for a cause

If you are a seamstress, knitter and/or crocheter, you must have odd balls of yarn along with remnants of fabric. You keep them because you think you can probably make something and you were right! After knitting for more than 10 years, I accumulated quite a lot myself!

One of the many things you can do with your leftover yarn and fabric is to join The Snuggles Project.
It is a nationwide charity initiative which consists in making snuggly blankets and cozy pads for shelter animals to lay on in their cages or handle them when they are rescued. It makes the animal feel more comfortable and makes the cages look more friendly by creating a cozier environment for both the animal and the potential adopters.

The Snuggle Project website has a bunch of crochet, knitting and sewing patterns for small dogs and cats, medium and large dogs that you can consult here: Link. I found it easier to crochet the small and medium pads/thick blankets and sew the large ones.

I called my local shelter to know the sizes they needed and created accordingly and I recommend you do so. Once you are done and gave your snuggles to the shelter, you can report your donation: Link

For the big dogs, I made pads with old bath towels doubled with quilt padding and a outer layer of fabric or blankets. You can use old sheets or create a patchwork with your leftover fabric. I asked to people around me if they had sheets, blankets, towels that they wanted to give away so I can make those pads and also found a lot of material at my local thriftstores. i also ended up buying fabric, of course!!!
For the kitties, which my local shelters has in great quantity, I made some 16″x16″ crocheted squares with 2 strands of medium weight yarn and a size J hook. all in double crochet. make sure you don’t crochet granny squares or any patterns with a lot of holes so the kitties paws can’t slip through the pads. You can find patterns here: Link

Have fun and come share pictures of your snuggles!

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