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Weekend Sewing Project – Bow Blouse

I came across an awesome tutorial on Pinterest for a quick sewing project!

The tutorial called for a ribbed cotton but it is up to you to use the fabric you want or have. I personally decided to use a piece of thick weight satin fabric found in the remnant section of my local Jo-Ann which allowed me to make an inexpensive top which looks like something you’d find at Nordstrom. It goes really well with a pencil skirt or any high waist bottoms.

The only step I added was seaming the side for serging the side seams of the blouse and hem the underarm area because the fabric I used frays. Remember to do this before creating the pocket for the ruban/tie.

Note: My dress form is smaller than my measurements (just got out of the box and didn’t take the time to set it to my size). When worn, the ties of the bow are not hanging as low as in the picture.
Estelle de Paris: Bow Blouse

Estelle de Paris: Bow Blouse

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